Our Training Sessions

Brightbrain-Scotland offer Bal-A-Vis-X sessions with a Certified Practitioner for students of all ages.

Brightbrain-Scotland offer Bal-A-Vis-XTraining Workshops for parents, teachers, health professionals, therapists and any adults interested in the Bal-A-Vis-X programme.

Practitioner Sessions:

  • available on a one to one basis
  • half an hour, once per week
  • available for ages 3 upwards.
  • group sessions – after a series of one to one sessions, you are encouraged to join in a group session. Peer teaching is a part of Bal-A-Vis-X; once you are competent in a few exercises you are given the responsibility to help new students in the group under the watchful eye of your instructor. In time, as your competence grows and you become less a student and more an instructor yourself, your responsibilities and confidence grow exponentially. Earned self-esteem naturally follows.
  • available in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders

Training Workshop Sessions:

Brightbrain-Scotland are available to provide Bal-A-Vis-X Trainings in the UK & Europe, throughout the year, suitable for parents/teachers/healthcare practitioners/therapists. Here are more details on our next available training session.

If you would like to arrange a Bal-A-Vis-X Training at your own venue please contact us for more information

2 Day Training (17 hours)

Active participation learning fundamental Bal-A-Vis-X principles, rhythms, patterns, procedures, and the first 135 exercises. Includes basic modifications for very young, elderly/infirm, those with severe special needs. Scheduled over two 9- hour days, usually a week-end.

2.5 Day Training (20 hours)

All content of the 17-hour session plus 30 additional exercises and modifications.

3 Day Training (23 hours)

All content of the 17-and 20-hour sessions plus programmes's most intricate exercises and variations plus wider/deeper range of modifications for severe special needs.