Feedback from Students and Parents

Feedback we have received from Students and Parents.

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"My son Marc attended Jane’s sessions towards the end of last year and leading up to his standard grade exams. Marc has a diagnosis of dyspraxia and studying for exams I knew would be a struggle if he did not have some help.

Near the end of the sessions I noticed a big change in Marc in the way he approached his schoolwork. He previously would have done anything to avoid studying, but as his exams were approaching he increased his studying, even getting up early in the morning to do so. My family also noticed a change in Marc socially – they said he was much more communicative than before the Bal-A-Vis-X sessions.

Marc enjoyed the ball work and both Marc and I would thoroughly recommend Bal-A-Vis-X to any child who has learning disabilities."

Anna-Marie (Mum to Marc, 16)

"Just wanted to wish you all the best for this weekend at the Bal-A-Vis-X training, hope all goes well. Been at school prize giving tonight, Lucy got Best Progress Award for Maths. Think you can take a lot of credit for that. Many Thanks. Good Luck!"

Lynda (Mum to Lucy, 10)

"My 8 year old daughter's reading, writing, and spelling is dramatically improving after a few months of Bal-A-Vis-X with Jane at Brightbrain-Scotland."

Louisa (Mum to Samantha, 8)

"I am so delighted, Ross, who has dyslexia, has written a story and out of the 30 children in his class, his story was chosen a winner for its content, beautiful handwriting and super spelling, and to be read out by Ross to the primary 2’s. It is fantastic, and again I cried, Ross is so happy and confident."

Ross’s handwriting sample after 2 m

Suzanne (Mum to Ross, 10)

Would just like to say a huge thank you to Jane Oliver, my son started with Jane just over a month ago as he was really struggling with his reading,writing,following instructions.I was told from his previous school that he had "learning difficulties" and traits of ADD. He has now moved schools and been there 1 week, and was told he does not need learning support.I am over the moon and I base this on Jane's work.My son could not read words he needed to spell out each word and would not remember the same one which was repetative throughout the book.There was no fluency and he would skip words but after a short time with Jane his reading is amazing,he can remember words,he can read without long pauses,I am amazed. His writing has also improved as well as focus and his attention to follow instructions is so much better.As a mother you want the best for your child and I would highly recommend anyone to give Jane a try, to help with any aspect of difficulties a child may have. Also the care and attention Jane and her family give is very warm and welcoming,fantastic work by lovely people 🙂

Sharon (Mum to Laughlan, 6)

Thankyou for the extra time today Jane, it was great to see Ellen's determination and enthusiasm!The times tables are going well too! Another positive was she was reading her school book to herself last night which she has never done before, so that's great. Also wanted to tell you that Ellen's skin has cleared up and we are still enjoying the change to our eating and making some converts on the way! We really appreciate your time and also a big thank you to Eloise 🙂

Jill (Mum to Ellen, 8)

bavx training group june 2013
BAVX training group, Scotland June 2013