Feedback from Training

Feedback from Bal-A-Vis-X Training 2013/14.

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“Thank you so much for the lovely three days. I learned so much last year and so much more this year that I highly recommend this to anyone interested in the field of sensory integration.

Having started back at school with BAVX today, three pupils benefited from my deepened understanding this morning already. Next term I will bring it to a class of 9 year olds followed by other classes in the school. It is such an exciting prospect. I know already that I want to do another training to deepen this further.

Thanks again for all your hard work in hosting us, Bill and his clan.”

Sabine, Learning Support Teacher

Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work arranging the BalAVisX Training, it all ran so well. You were fantastic hosts,lunches and snacks were brilliant.

I have been on a lot of different training in my life; I think I can safely say that I have never experienced anything like this one. I cannot wait to get started and have even managed to do some of the ball exercises tonight!

Phyll, Foster Care Manager

Thank you for such a wonderful training. It was very rich… So many nice people. And thank you to your lovely family. You are all so loving, warm and good hearted. Wish I could have stayed longer… Melrose starts to feel a bit like home.

Caroline, Teacher

A short note to thank you for the terrific job you did organising the training, as well as the delicious lunches, the taxis and everything else that went on behind the scenes. It was a great week-end with a great bunch of people.

Even though it exposed to me once again my own lack of co-ordination (something I haven’t had to re-visit since school), exhausted as I was when I finally got home last night, I was unable to sleep with the buzz of excitement from the week-end and the possibilities of BalAVisX. I am determined to make this work. I hope I won’t need to trouble you, but very much appreciate your kind offer of help and support nonetheless.

I didn’t see Mike, Christopher and Eloise before I left so please pass on my thanks to them also – you’re a great team.

Aine, Parent

Had wonderful week-end learning, relaxing and meeting lovely people. Superbly organised course and thanks to you and yours for that. Your children are an inspiration.

Bill Hubert… what to say? So quiet and unassuming, but clearly incredible. He talks and you cannot help but listen.

Have kicked off BAVX with my Mum last night, next my daughter, then my 5yr old nephew, who will be able to do this with his Nana when he visits her at the care home.

Ade, Daughter, Parent, Aunt

Thank you very much for hosting such a brilliant week-end – I enjoyed it so much and was able to concentrate on the details of teaching and implementation, having spent the first training in a haze of midline crossings with which my brain strained to cope!

The children/young people, as ever, were delightful – mature and very helpful and I thought the group dynamic was excellent.

I am starting with pupils tomorrow and shall keep you posted on progress.

Jane, Teacher

The best UK training to date, and a great mix of new and returning BAVX devotees. The benefit to both parties was apparent as the speed of exercise execution with the correct technique was clearly apparent. A fabulous three days, thank you Jane for your hard work and great hospitality.

Jacqui, Therapist

I got so much out of the training – came home and started to practice with my daughter. It was very ‘hands-on’ and very well explained, and so many others to lend support.

The hospitality, home-baking, lunches etc were excellent. Many thanks to you and your family.

Sheila, Foster Care Manager

Thank you very much for the lovely course. It was a well organised, inspiring and an incredibly educational experience. The varied nature of course members also helped to make it most memorable.

Lene, Therapist

Thank you very much for all your efforts in organising the training also for organising transport and the dinner which was great. Please also extend my thanks to Bill and his team for coming over and delivering the training. I was not hoping to pick up as much as I did.

Back at home the boys are showing more interest in the balls – partly because they see me practising and so on. So for me it was definitely a very positive experience and slo met some wonderful people.

Finally I would like to say it was a delight to meet your kids. They are wonderful and a huge credit to you both.

Nisha, Parent

It was such a lovely week-end and was so helpful in taking BalAVisX forward in our school. We have already made adjustments to the way we are working with our children and appreciate the opportunity to have met with others in Scotland to understand how it works with other practitioners.

Thank you and your family for the warm hospitality and the wonderful food that was enjoyed over the three days.

Theresa, Teacher

I came along to the BalAVisX training with not a clue what to expect and feeling a bit nervous. I left feeling happy and encouraged that I could begin to help my son with some of his challenges in a way that he would thoroughly enjoy. The training was excellent, a good mix of demonstration, explanation and actual practice. Everyone was so warm, welcoming and obviously very passionate about the reasons they were there and what they were doing.

Thank you Jane and your family for a great three days.

Carmen, Parent

Thank you for organising a great training. It is an incredible amount of work co-ordinating such an event.

I had a wonderful time at the training and was so impressed with the demonstrations to the effects that Bal-A-Vis-X can have for those with neurological difficulties.

For me, it was three days of fun, even if it did require concentration and some mild frustration.

Thank you again to you and your lovely family for a wonderful 3 days.

Susana, Therapist

OH! Thank you Jane and Family!

Scotland was my Hobbiton. Every meandering and curling path lined with an aged vine-entwined stone wall and an 8ft hedge. Never spying the path’s destination, but capturing my curiosity at what lay beyond the bend. The pastures, the courtyard gardens, the 4 – legged grazers… and your family! Thank you for your generosity, allowing us to glimpse the beauty of your country and welcoming nature of its inhabitants.

Francis, Author, BAVX Trainer

"A fantastic week-end. Everything I expected from it and more. A great camaraderie, lots of laughs but most of all positivity and belief that this can make a difference Xx"

Kerry, Parent

A very huge thank you to you Jane,Mike,Eloise and Christopher for a great week-end. I learned loads and the training you delivered was in no way diminished because of Bill's absence. All attendees will have learned techniques as much as we did last year - so Scotland has a solid team in place to continue to train in Bal-A-Vis-X.

Ade, Parent & Therapist

We had a great time in Scotland!

Jane you did a great job and all your attendees felt well with your leadership.

I am very thankful for the possibility to attend your Bal-A-Vis-X Training in Melrose.The group was very pleasant and it was a very valuable time for me to learn more.

Thanks for everything!!!!

Look forward to seeing you in Damme.

Jeanette, Therapist

bavx training group june 2013
BAVX training group, Scotland June 2013