Balance on the Board

When my child is on the balance board should it be moving or still?

Balance is a sense that involves the proprioceptive and vestibular systems.These two systems give our brains the information it requires to achieve our sense of balance.The Balance board can train the sensory system by working with the proprioceptive and vestibular systems.

Simply standing or in the case of younger children, sitting cross-legged on the board can activate our brain and open up our senses for more effective learning.

As we stand on the balance board, information is sent via our toes, through our joints via the central nervous system.When we move any part of our body, there is a balance shift and we instantly become aware because the balance board moves (either side to side/front to back) under our feet. We immediately feel our body making movement changes so that we do not fall off. This creates awareness of how safe or unsafe we feel standing on an uneven surface, and how this can present challenges to us.

Standing on the balance board requires both brain hemispheres to be used as it is impossible to stand firmly whilst using only one hemisphere.

Information received whilst standing on a balance board is learned more quickly,retained longer and with better understanding.When both sides of the brain are working together, the ability to process,file and store information is more efficient.

Bal-A-Vis-X is mostly done on the balance board and can provide many benefits physically, socially and academically.


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