Doctor’s Research Case Study1

Dr Dixon Chibanda, Neuropsychiatrist, University of Zimbabwe,Harare,Zimbabwe is currently undertaking research through a Fogarty International Research Fellowship into ‘How Bal-A-Vis-X improves biological markers such as EEG readings’ Dr Chibanda shares his research with us:

“I stumbled across Bal-A-Vis-X purely by chance, while browsing the internet for a course to strengthen my neurofeedback skills.”

Dr Chibanda, psychiatrist from Zimbabwe has now been involved in the Bal-A-Vis-X programme for over 3years and has some very exciting research to share with us…..

After taking my first Bal-A-Vis-X training, I returned to Zimbabwe and decided to try it out.My first client was a 14 year old boy,Munya, who was on Ritalin for ADHD, but not making much improvement. His parents were about to travel to South Africa for a second opinion when I asked them that I wanted to try Bal-A-Vis-X in addition to Ritalin. They agreed to hold out for 6 weeks.

So my Bal-A-Vis-X journey began!

Munya had blood tests and an EEG at the start of the programme and results were, blood normal, but his EEG showed an excess amount of theta activity particularly in the left side of the temporal lobe region of the brain.

Munya began with the basic exercises, he had extreme difficulty understanding the concept of rhythm. His mum described him as quite clumsy and having problems with basic body movement. After week 4 of twice weekly 20-minute Bal-A-Vis-X sessions including 5 minutes of homework 3 times a day, Munya began to slowly grasp the basic rhythm. We moved onto 2 ball bounce and he picked up the rhythm after the second try. By week 8 he was capable of maintaining rhythm with 2 ball bounce.

After 8 weeks of Bal-A-Vis-X a report from both teacher and parents indicated that Munya had gained confidence, was calmer in class, was reading much better, and was completing homework without being supervised by his mother. Munya continues to use Bal-A-Vis-X as a learning aide.

Case study 2 next…..

Thanks to Dr Dixon Chibanda for providing this article to Francis Norsworthy IN2GR8ED WORLD newsletter Dec 2013 (


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