I talk to many parents and often hear the same comments ~”homework is a nightmare, it takes hours and we all end up falling out and shouting at each other.” Homework should be short,focused and fun –  consolidating learning, and not a lengthy re-run of the school day……..

Let’s try and turn homework into a positive learning experience by developing a routine – children thrive on routines and as parents we must help them to manage their time efficiently…..Here are some helps that you can integrate into your home:


After a busy day at school, children come home tired and in need of some “brain” food – protein is an excellent source – cheese on toast,avocado, nuts & fruit, a slice of pizza…. Drink plenty fluids – water is the best source to rehydrate tired brains.

  • PLAY

School is demanding and very often our children have not had enough opportunity to move. Movement in many forms is beneficial for optimizing our academic, social and emotional learning. Step outside and play with your child -bounce/kick a ball,catch,skip,run,jump,swing,walk and talk….10-15 minutes after school will prepare your child for homework


Provide a calm, uncluttered area, with minimal distractions such as TV. This space may be in the kitchen,living or hallway,with a table and comfortable seat ~ this will be really beneficial and may help improve writing skills. If children have an identified homework space they will develop a more regular pattern.


Your child may be handed homework on several subjects to be completed for the following week, it is essential that this is broken down into manageable chunks. You may need to help your child prioritize and choose one subject at a time. If it is helpful, sit with your child and guide them, slowly this will turn to self-guidance,hence earned self-esteem and confidence. Encourage your child to take regular, short movement breaks (1-2 minutes) every twenty minutes, this will help to develop focus and concentration.

  • CHECK it OUT

If your child is doing homework by themselves, I often find it is beneficial for you both to have a short discussion at the end. Be familiar with your child’s curriculum and encourage questions – this is how we learn….


Every child & parent deserves time to chill-out and relax – you will know what works for your family, but here are some suggestions: listen to music, read a book, play a musical instrument, arts & craft, sport/martial art, BalAVisX, a cup of tea…


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