Doctors Research Case Study 2

Dr Dixon Chibanda, Neuropsychiatrist, University of Zimbabwe,Harare,Zimbabwe is currently undertaking research through a Fogarty International Research Fellowship into ‘How Bal-A-Vis-X improves biological markers such as EEG readings’ he share his findings with us:

“Famba was a 22 year old schizophrenic boy who was on olanzapine for close to 4 years.He had frequent episodes of para-noid ideation despite being on a high dose. He was withdrawn.His siblings described him as ‘weird’.He failed his recent high school examination for the third time.

Famba didn’t talk much and not at all to me. He obeyed certain commands, but he generally appeared uninterested with everything around him apart from his own internal world. I spoke to Famba about his medication, encouraging him to take it. The I asked if he would like to try something new as a way of trying to addresssome of the challenges he was facing. He nodded reluctant approval. I explained to him about Bal-A-Vis-X and how the two brain hemispheres worked better when they were in sync. Again I asked if he would like to try this technique. He again nodded.

For 8 weeks Famba came to see me religiously, often on his own.During that time he uttered not a single word, but he followed instructions. He picked up the rhythm fairly fast and by week 6 he was doing 3 ball bounce. But he still didn’t talk to me. In his world I did not exist. Because he was making great progress we moved to the balance board with 3 ball bounce and windmill. We carried on our twice weekly 20 minute sessions.

Week 12 Famba walked in with his hoody over his head and his hanging trousers and said “I passed my maths test yesterday.” Famba continues to see me on a less regular basis. He continues to do well at school. He now has a girlfriend. He’s even taken up TaeKwonDo.”

Aricle published courtesy of Dr Dixon Chibanda from IN2GR8ED WORLD newsletter by Francis Norsworthy (


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