Rhythm defined is “a regular movement or beat, a pattern of recurrence, an ability to move rhythmically”…

In Bal-A-Vis-X, (BAVX) balance, auditory, vision, exercises – all exercises are rhythmic~

“BAVX is based on the principle of the pendulum. A pendulum never stops. It is in perfectly synchronous and rhythmic flow. When done correctly the same is true of all BAVX exercises”. [Resonance by Bill Hubert]

By learning the precise physical techniques, arrhythmic people can experience and come to know rhythm for the first time in their lives. The purpose of BAVX is to bring about brain and brain-body integration in three dimensions so that one can function optimally.

The rhythmic patterns of BAVX create a new awareness of the nuance of sound. This may lead to improved language comprehension, reading skill, communication and self-esteem.

  • The key to this are thousands of midline crossings and the auditory components of the exercises.
  • The key to proper midline crossings/auditory components is the proper rhythm
  • The key to proper rhythm is the set of precise physical techniques required to execute each exercise.

Rhythm brings you into a state of flow where the brain and brain-body are working together in an integrated state. Any outside rhythmic source such as music, drumming or metronome, interferes with this natural internal process and flow.

Bouncing a ball activates muscle,heartbeat, and brain wave patterns that create a feedback loop. Ten minutes of bouncing/tossing everyday releases stress,resets the mind and body’s inner clock, and works as a stimulant and a sedative.

“During long minutes of bouncing rhythmic patterns together, the experience takes on a life of its own, captivating our collective consciousness, nearly mesmerising us”. [Resonance by Bill Hubert]

As an aside ~ Rhythmic Predictability:

“He is fond of dancing – he finds this can unfreeze him, releasing him for a while from his Parkinsonism” [Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks]

Stammering during speech, yet the ability to sing without stutter…


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