Sharing is Caring

Nowadays, most of us will read stories on social media sites and sometimes we will share/favourite/like and others we will ignore…..

This came to me this morning after sharing a friends story last night and the response received from others – based upon a young man in Edinburgh who loves school, does so well educationally,is an award winning poet but due to his ill health is very often denied the right to an effective education. I often share Adam’s story and hope that by doing so his plight will be remedied and those that can make the change will care enough and Get it Right For Every Child, after all caring and sharing are very important social skills…..

How do we as parents show our children how to share and care effectively ~

  • Learned Behaviour – when you are out with your child/ren and see someone in need, such as an old person trying to cross the road, or a wheelchair user trying to locate something of the shelf in the supermarket, offer your help. Your child may ask ‘why did you do that?’ and then you can explain ‘how helping someone out makes you feel so good and that the smile you received was full of thanks’, and that is such a great feeling to have.
  • Praise – when your child does something to help others, appreciate his/her act of kindness and let them know how proud you are, give praise and you will watch their self-esteem grow.
  • Talk about it – there are many tragedies we read/watch on tv, talking about how we can help others who may have suffered loss of homes,possessions,or loved ones. Introducing children to charities and giving toys/books that they may have outgrown to help a child somewhere else to enjoy is a wonderful way to learn the gift of sharing.
  • Do unto others, as you would have them do to you – shower your child/ren with much love and kindness, praise them, share with them your time,talk,read, play, educate and most of all enjoy!
  • Remember as adults it is important to treat our friends, colleagues and family with kindness and gentleness and do something special for someone……it doesn’t take much – a smile, a like, or a share goes along way and may help more than you know.

On the way to school this morning my son recounted this story to me ~

” William was clearing plates away in the lunch hall yesterday and he accidentally dropped them all. The lunch hall went quiet and everyone gasped ( you can imagine…), so I got up and went over to William  and said, ‘don’t worry I’ll sort it, you go out and play’. So I tidied up the plates and everyone went back to eating their lunch.”

The background to this is William (8 years) has additional support needs and my son, Christopher (11 years) is aware of this.To prevent William from having a tantrum in front of the whole school, he helped him, lunch carried on and no trouble ensued.

I am so proud and thanked Christopher so much for helping someone out, by being so kind, thoughtful and caring – he walked into school 10″ tall!


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