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Exam Season – Top Ten Tips for Survival

Parenting children through the exam season can be challenging for the whole family.Here are some tips to support your child’s success and your sanity! Whether this is the first year of exams for your household or you have been here before,developing some solid revision techniques and family involvement can support you all through this tense…

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I talk to many parents and often hear the same comments ~”homework is a nightmare, it takes hours and we all end up falling out and shouting at each other.” Homework should be short,focused and fun –  consolidating learning, and not a lengthy re-run of the school day…….. Let’s try and turn homework into a…

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Dyslexia may be described as struggling with reading,and writing. It is useful to look upon dyslexia as a learning difference. There is no “one size fits all” description as everyone’s dyslexia is unique and may involve a combination of different strengths and weaknesses. Some of the areas people with dyslexia may struggle with: Reading  –…

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