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Doctor’s Research Progress

Dr Dixon Chibanda,Neuropsychiatrist, University of Zimbabwe,Harare,Zimbabwe is currently undertaking a Fogerty International Research Fellowship into ‘Comparing and validating Bal-a-Vis-X and Neurofeedback as two alternative interventions based on neuroplasticity – the changing brain. Addressing mental,neurological and substance use disorders, Dr Chibanda’s research focuses on sustainable mental health interventions. “During the three year period that I have…

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Doctors Research Case Study 2

Dr Dixon Chibanda, Neuropsychiatrist, University of Zimbabwe,Harare,Zimbabwe is currently undertaking research through a Fogarty International Research Fellowship into ‘How Bal-A-Vis-X improves biological markers such as EEG readings’ he share his findings with us: “Famba was a 22 year old schizophrenic boy who was on olanzapine for close to 4 years.He had frequent episodes of para-noid…

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New York Prescription

News from across the “pond” from the lovely Alanna, an occupational therapist and Bal-A-Vis-Xer writes: “That awesome feeling you get when the Neuro Opthalmologist writes on the prescription – OT treatment 2 to 3 times per week, Bal-A-Vis-X Training. Diagnosis of Concussion” !! Dr’s Stoner and Valle are know prescribing Bal-A-Vis-X as a recovery treatment –…

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