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Training Dates

Bal-A-Vis-X Training

2018/19Training Dates with Brightbrain Scotland

2 Day Training times are 0900 to 1800 unless otherwise stated below.

3 Day Training times will vary depending on country/sponsor - please check with sponsor or contact Jane Oliver

NEXT UK TRAINING 2018 - SEPTEMBER 21,22,23 - in MELROSE,Scottish Borders 

September 7, 8, 9th - Magdeburg, Germany- Contact Sponsor - KATRIN  MOKOSCH (3 Day Training) in English with translation to German. Fully Booked (email to join waiting list)
September 21, 22, 23rd - Melrose, Scotland - Contact Sponsor - JANE OLIVER (3 Day Training with Bill Hubert) in ENGLISH, no translation.
October 20, 21, 22nd - La Rochelle, France - Contact Sponsor - SAMUEL FOURDRINIER (3 Day Training) in English with translation to French. Fully Booked (email to join waiting list)
October 26,27,28th - Someren-Heide,Netherlands - Contact Sponsor - PETRA RAIJMAKERS  (3 Day Training) in English, no translation.
November 2,3,4th - Feldkirch,Austria - Contact Sponsor - CLAUDIA PEYER(3 Day Training) in English with translation to German
November 16,17,18th - Madrid,Spain - Contact Sponsor - CARLOTA LOPEZPEREDO MARTINEZ (3 Day Training) in English with translation to Spanish.
December 7,8,9th- Zagreb,Croatia - Contact Sponsor - MARIJA BORAS (3 Day Training) in English with no translation 

2019 Training Dates

March 1,2,3rd - Edinburgh, Scotland - Contact Jane Oliver (3 Day Training) in English,no translation.
March 8,9,10th - Trondheim,Norway - Contact Sponsor -  Lene Soli Fitzgerald (3 DayTraining) in English,no translation.
April 6,7,8th - Namur,Belgium - Contact Sponsor - Sylviane Adant (3 Day Training) in English with French translation.
May 3,4,5th - Paris,France - Contact Sponsor - Matthieu Galais (3 Day Training) in English with French translation
September 6,7,8th - Magdeburg,Germany - Contact Sponsor - Katrin Mokosh (3 Day Training) in English with German translation
September 20,21,22 - Melrose,Scotland - Contact Sponsor - Jane Oliver (3 Day Training) in English, no translation.
October 19,20,21 - Angers,France - Contact Sponsor - Loic Le Hanneur (3 Day Training) in English with French translation
November 9,10,11th - Lyon,France - Contact Sponsor - Nassera Monnier (3 Day Training) in English with French translation

More dates to be added, please check for regular updates. Other dates are also available throughout the year for week-day and week-end training,please email:

More Information and Training Fees - please contact Jane for details:

Jane W Oliver – Bal-A-Vis-X UK/EU Practitioner & Trainer
tel: +44(0)7512 311317

Who’s it for?

Bal-A-Vis-X training is suitable for teachers, parents, occupational and physical therapists,speech&language therapists,care workers,health professionals and those that work with children or adults in a learning environment.

Do you teach?
Do you find that, no matter how much time and energy you expend, how many different approaches you employ, regardless of subject or grade level or class size, one all- too familiar pattern prevails:

  • many learn much, with modest effort
  • many learn some, with great effort
  • far too many learn little, no matter how much effort?

Bill Hubert has taught primary school through to University level for almost 35 years. During 26 of them, while working with multiple ages in multiple settings toward multiple goals, at each day’s end, the same implacable pattern confronted him.

But no more…

…Not since BAL-A-VIS-X.

Bal-A-Vis-X enables both students and teachers to break that pattern, to work together in such a way that:

  • many more learn, with modest effort
  • very many more learn more, with new found focus of effort
  • only a few, those who refuse, learn little.
What will I learn?

Here are some quotes from Bal-A-Vis-X Training Scotland, Summer 2014:

“A fantastic week-end. Everything I expected from it and more. A great camaraderie, lots of laughs but most of all positivity and belief that this can make a difference xx"

“Everyone was so involved, I have never been to a training workshop where we all helped each other, it was so friendly,and so much knowledge to share, I will definitely be coming back!”

“Jane's training ran smoothly and she is competent,confident and courageous. I had an amazing time and there was such a sense of community".

“Jane has a wonderful calm control of us and does a brilliant job, I am even more filled with enthusiasm for this wonderful Bal-A-Vis-X program".

I would recommend this training to everybody at least once, it is my 3rd training and it has completely changed my life and those around me”.

Bal-A-Vis-X Training with Jane Oliver, you will learn:

Day 1:
Level 1: Foundation Exercises (8 hours)
Active participation learning the fundamental BAVX principles, rhythms, patterns, procedures and the first 85 exercises.

Day 2:
Level 2: Intermediate Exercises (8 hours)
Active participation reviewing the fundamentals of BAVX, then detailed instruction focusing on 50 of the more advanced exercises.

Throughout the two days, basic modifications of patterns, procedures and exercises will be presented. These modifications are designed for the elderly/infirm, the very young/developmentally delayed, those with severe special needs, to include ASD.


Frequently Asked questions about Bal-A-Vis-X posed to founder, Bill Hubert

1) What's your academic background?
Five years teaching university level literature and writing, 15 years teaching grade one (ages 6-7), and 15 years teaching humanities in grade 7 (ages 12-13). During much of that time, I also taught martial arts.

2) Where did the idea for Bal-A-Vis-X come from?
It was a process of connecting dots.
Dot One: Each year many of my grade one students didn’t function well.
Dot Two: My martial arts experience enabled me to watch these 6-7 year-olds through twin lenses of balance and rhythm.
Dot Three: I felt it important that all these students have fundamental balance and rhythm capabilities so I taught them such basic physical skills as throwing, catching, walking balance beams, skipping and so on.
Dot Four: Slowly I became aware that all my students, the ones most deficient in these basic skill were the same ones who struggled academically.
Dot Five: I noticed, as we all worked on balance, and rhythm, that now and then when a struggling student's balance and rhythm improved, his/her academic performance also improved. Connecting these dots, then, posed this question: might fine tuning a child’s balance and rhythm simultaneously address his/her academic difficulties? What followed were more than 20 years of trial and error to find out.
The result, as of 1999, was the still-evolving programme now known as Bal-A-Vis-X.

3) How does Bal-A-Vis-X differ from other programmes based on, or related to, physical movement?
Several things. First, rhythm.Natural rhythm.Not matching a tone or a metronome or a musical beat or any other outside source.
The rhythms of Bal-A-Vis-X are the natural outcome of proper physical techniques – which techniques one learns and commits to muscle memory during our trainings.
Second, visual tracking. In a typical 30-minute Bal-A-Vis-X session one tracks across three “midlines” (side-side, up-down, near-far) probably 1,000 times.
Third, entrainment. The majority of our exercises are done with a partner and/or in concert with others. Synchronicity is always the goal.
In a Bal-A-Vis-X setting, no one is allowed to be a Lone Ranger, free to follow his own plan.
Fourth, responsibility. As soon as you are competent in execution of even a few exercises, you are immediately set the task of teaching those exercises to a new or less competent student-always, of course, under the trained eye of your instructor. You, still a student, are responsible for the new student while the instructor is responsible for you both. In time, as your competence grows, and you become less a student and more an instructor yourself, your responsibilities and confidence grow exponentially. Earned self-esteem naturally follows.

4) Where is Bal-A-Vis-X used?
Since 2000 we’ve provided trainings to some 11,000 teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Counselors, Recreational Therapists and parents in 39 American States, five sites in Canada, Mexico City, Singapore. The number of students with whom these adults have subsequently used the programme is unknown.

5) After taking your training what will I be able to do?
You will immediately be able to use Bal-A-Vis-X with your own children or with your own students. You may also infuse Bal-A-Vis-X into other therapy modalities with your own clients. What you may not do is train other adults in the programme.

6) Has there been any academic research into Bal-A-Vis-X?
Jaque Groenendyk, an elementary school teacher conducted an in depth study of the impact of Bal-A-Vis-X had on her student’ academic progress and social behaviour. You can read and download this report here.

Registration Form

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For any further information please contact Jane Oliver

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